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Stella’s Booth

Stella has a home studio for world-class recordings. She records from a Studiobricks sound booth with Neumann U87 microphone (and also has a Sennheiser MKH416 should the need arise). The audio gets fed through an SSL interface into Pro Tools (her recording software, or “DAW”) on her MacBook Pro.

Connect through Source Connect Pro, Skype, Zoom, or phone.

You can count on Stella to save the day and bring your project to new heights.

Booth Recording

About Stella

Working style: Talented and versatile. Professional and creative. Trustworthy.

Sought after by A-list clients for her ability to produce creative, efficient, and collaborative working relationships that deliver powerful results on time every time.

Voice qualities: Direct, sincere, energetic, and strong.

Stella’s voice superpowers appeal to independent thinkers, quirky problem solvers, empathetic souls, no-nonsense customers, and sedulous champions.

Background: Stella has superpowers under her cape.

Stella’s background in improv, standup, and morning radio give her the facility and the think-on-your-feet ability to create attitudes from the ridiculous to the dramatic needed for a wide variety of VO, such as: commercials, animation, promos, narration, ADR, looping and dubbing. Stella is also a yoga expert.

Stella delivers a unique and consistent voice for your projects, ensuring they stand out from the crowd and soar above the average.


Andrea Beane
AB2 Talent
Los Angeles



Television Commercials